About Us

The birth of Golf Villa Rentals…
It’s amazing what a short trip away can do for the mind. What started out as the usual annual trip away, turned in to Golf Villa Rentals Ltd. Every year, 4 guys pack their clubs and head to somewhere new and different to play the sport that they love. Our previous adventures were wholly UK based at the outset, playing Carnoustie, East Sussex National & Sandford Springs to name a few.  We decided, after all of our families had become used to us heading off each year, to venture further from home and head to the warmer climate of Spain. After all, who doesn’t prefer playing golf in shorts, sunshine and factor 20?

We’re a mixed bag of handicaps, from Scratch to 19, but this wasn’t important. It was about having a good time, socialising and, most importantly, having a great laugh with like-minded friends. That trip changed things and here we are today.

We quickly learned from our research that there was no specialist provider of villa accommodation on golf courses across the globe anywhere in the UK. There were the usual big players, you can find these options deep in their website, but an actual specialist provider did not exist. Put simply, we have taken away the pain of trying to find your perfect golf package holiday. It’s easy to find out about everything from the accommodation, the course and its facilities, local amenities and where else is good to play because we have done all the hard work for you. Booking couldn’t be more straight forward.

We created Golf Villa Rentals Limited. because, quite frankly, there is no other way to enjoy a golf holiday with your friends. Eat when you want for less, drink when you want and where you want for less and play golf when you want, where you want for less.  You are not bound by the rules of the hotel and if you cannot find an all-day breakfast including a cuppa for less than 6 Euro’s, you’re not trying hard enough!

Our aim

We will provide you, your golfing partners and families with a golfing experience that cannot be matched. All of this is offered at a price that is, at worst, on a par with the hotel packages that are on offer. We can give you the flexibility to play a number of courses at multiple locations, ensuring that you will have a golfing break you will all never forget. The freedom to choose what you do and when you do it is only a click or phone call away. That’s how we did it and that’s why we are here.

Please take a look through the different courses and locations we have on offer and if you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate get in touch at enquiries@golfvillarentals.com or by calling 0800 321 3714 to talk to one of our team. We will be happy to build you a bespoke trip that suits the needs your golfing party.

We look forward to working with you to build a golfing holiday that you and your guests will never forget.